Quality policy

Inoxcart understands that Customer satisfaction is the main foundation for the success of your business. As such, the Quality Policy is based on:


  • Ensure the existence of resources that allow the fulfillment of the requirements of the relevant stakeholders, thus leading to their satisfaction;
  • Comply with the applicable legal and statutory requirements, as well as the strategic orientation assumed by the shareholders;
  • Provide an objective understanding of the proposed service and its correspondence to the explicit and implicit needs of customers;
  • Ensure availability of access and speed of response to the service provided;
    Continuously train human resources as a means of motivation and increased efficiency;
  • Continuously improve the System and carry out, at least once a year, a review;
    Ensure that all its employees are informed and motivated about the Quality Policy and participate in its implementation.



Inoxcart's scope considering the limits and applicability of the QMS; the organization's context; understanding the needs and expectations of stakeholders; is design, manufacture, assembly and technical assistance of stainless steel equipment.